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Andrew Margie
Why Alumnifire?
On average, alumni are connected to less than 1% of their fellow alumni on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. But 9 out of 10 alumni are willing to help, and would even prefer to hire, a fellow alumnus or student from a shared community. That’s the power of grassroots! But alumni and community leaders often have little time and limited resources to tap this enormous potential. We built Alumnifire to unlock it. We designed Alumnifire to be the tool we wish we had for community networking -- an intuitive, engaging, and economical platform focused on engagement. We look forward to telling you about it.
– Andrew & Trip
Founded by Andrew Margie and Trip Tate, Alumnifire has been featured in media such as Forbes, CNBC, and Business Insider. The company has contributed to research done by the Christensen Institute and Eduventures and been selected as a finalist among venture companies at the ASU+GSV Ed Tech Summit.
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